Worst. Ride. EVER.

Generally speaking, the trip from St. Charles, where I live, to Kirksville, where I go to college, takes about three to three and half hours.

Today, it took seven and a half.

Missi and I left around 1:00 in the afternoon, planning on getting back at about 4:30, 5 o’clock at the latest. And then we hit traffic. Not so bad, until we narrowly missed a huge pile-up. And of course, the car starts rattling every time we give it gas. So we pull over about 50 miles from home. We call Missi’s parents, who get in their cars and start heading out to get us. McDonald’s being the only place with heating and seating nearby, we go in and work on homework. For two and a half hours.

Missi’s family gets there, we switch cars and are headed back on our way, the time now being 5:00; the time we were originally planning on reaching Kirksville. And then we hit more traffic. Not only do we hit traffic, but it hits back. We literally sit in the same place for ten minutes, move for a few, and then sit some more. The 49 miles to Columbia takes us two hours. It is now 7:00, we should have gotten back two hours before, and we still have an hour left before we get back.

The last leg actually went rather well, fortunately. Long story short, for various reasons I have a new found annoyance/hatred for the following: People who go the MIZZOU, cops, Mexicans, Wendy’s, and people in general.

Sorry for the rant, but it pissed me off, and thus I bring it to you.




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2 responses to “Worst. Ride. EVER.

  1. At least you didn’t hit construction. On the way back from a college visit, my family and I hit Modot construction that forced us to take an hour to go one mile.

    Other than that, I’m sorry it took you guys so long. But I’m glad you’re back safe!

  2. missiworld

    I like your ‘tags’ for this one.

    Mainly because I agree.

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