Group Projects

Just putting this out there, I HATE group projects. They basically combine all of the worst things in the world for me. I have to interact with other humans, the majority of which are dumb arses. If i get to pick my own group, that is usually fine, as I just pick my friends and am done with it. But when either the groups are picked for you, or I don’t like any one in the class, then this is literally living hell for me.

Now, I don’t mind projects, except when they involve speaking in front of groups (as this one does); but I do mind when my group consists of two people who are just fine with putting everything off to the last minute. I am just as guilty as the next person when it comes to procrastination, but when something is due in three days, maybe it is time to start working. Just a thought.

But the worst thing is when I am the only one taking the project seriously, and so I end up doing all of the work. I don’t particularly care, but when members of the group tell me that we should probably get together and start the project, and I am already done, it just seems a little unfair. “Ryujin,” you might say, ” just don’t do everything. Make them help, too.” Easier said than done, I’m afraid. I don’t do groups well for the simple reason that other people’s ideas usually sound stupid to me.

Example: For this project, our group was supposed to find a topic related to technological advances through chemistry. When I asked my group members what they wanted to do, both of them said they didn’t care. so I chose a topic that I found interesting. When the time came to write a presentation outline, neither of them knew anything about the topic, so I ended up writing the outline myself. And of course, since I was the only one who had bothered to do any research at all, I ended up putting the presentation together. The only thing that my group partners will have contributed to this project will be their voices as they read off what I have already written.

Sorry for the rant, but honestly that is probably all I am going to use this blog for. So deal with it. Bitch.


Days until Winter Break: 16 (aka Too Damn Many)



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2 responses to “Group Projects

  1. It’ll be all right. That’s what college is for: finding people you like who are actually competent. Yay!!!

  2. missiworld

    Welcome to my art group. I’m finishing our entire 100 point project tonight.

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