University: An Update

So it’s been three weeks since school started for Truman students, and I’m starting to get a feel of how my semester is going to pan out. Allow me to shed some light on the subject.

Spanish 202: Intermediate Spanish 2- This is my least favourite class this semester. I actually enjoy learning Spanish (not enough to become fluent, but still), but this class is trying my patience. Spanish 202 is basically a review class. We have learned every verb tense, now we are getting used to when we use each and other fine points of grammar. But my teacher is not the greatest. She always tells us to follow the syllabus, but the syllabus does not have the homework assignments on it. But what homework we do she never collects, and she also never tells us what we are expected to know. I understand that it is a review class, but you should still go over what is expected of us. Especially when you assign work that involves grammar that we haven’t learned yet. If I wanted to review Spanish myself, I would not have wasted my time signing up for a class.

Statistics 190: Basic Statistics- This is by far my most boring class. To be fair, the material being covered now is stuff I have been able to do for the past seven years. Hopefully it will get more challenging with time. The great thing about this class is the fact that there is a pillar between our teacher and myself. This means that when I zone out, he can’t see me. This also means that I could sneak out of the class whenever I wanted. I haven’t done so yet, but it is only a matter of time.

Math 263: Analytical Geometry and Calculus II- Since graduating high school, I had forgotten how much I actually enjoy calculus. This is my one class where we are doing this the entire time, so zoning out is not an option. I can’t really explain it, but math is one of those things that I really like doing. I don’t even care that calculus has few real life applications.

Chemistry 121: General Chemical Principles II- My most challenging class, and also my most interesting. Not only am I in one of the most intense chemistry departments in the state (or so everyone keeps telling me) but I also am being taught by the most difficult teacher. This is nothing against Dr. McCormick, I really like him. It only means that I have to work my butt of to get a B. An A is basically out of the question. And the precipitate on top of the solution is lab. Labs may be a pain to prepare, and lab reports may be a pain to write, but they are totally worth it to be able to do something with my hands.

Well, I have taken up enough of both our time, so I shall leave you to your internets now.


Link of the Day: Girls with Slingshots. Pretty inappropriate at times, but generally a very good and enjoyable webcomic.



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4 responses to “University: An Update

  1. I know what you mean by enjoying math; I feel the same way! And it’s good that you’ve got classes that are challenging. Have fun!

  2. MelissaGeorge

    yes, I’ve been creeping on you. just wanted to say that while I don’t keep up with gws, I once read all the way through, up to the wedding. that is all.

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