Slightly Ridiculous

I understand that I am in university now, and that my professor are going to expect more from me than my teachers in high school did. I have been here for a year, that has been made abundantly clear to me. But at times it seems like my professor lose sight of the big picture. Namely, life outside their classroom.

I bring this up because my HIST 201 (US History and Historiography to 1877) professor assigned 100 pages of reading and note taking to be due Wednesday. This is on top of the ninety pages of philosophy I have for HIST 366 (Sappho and the Greek Archaic Period) and the ten pages for ENG 245 (British Literature: Romanticism to Modernism). I have all of the reading done by this point but that is not, as it happens, the point.

While the reading was all interesting, if I had more than one class today, there is no way that I would have gotten it done without staying up until four in the morning (something I have avoided thus far and would like to continue to avoid). While I do not mind a heavy workload, in reality it keeps me on track, I legitimately think that my History professor believes that his class is the only class that I am enrolled in. This week has been particularly bad, but he routinely assigns about eighty pages of reading from the book and between forty and one hundred pages of articles each week. This would not irk me as much as it does if it was the practice of all of the teachers of HIST 201. But no. The rest of the sections have some book reading each week, and that is all.

I am all for teachers preparing us for the real world and I understand that as much as I wish it was, the world has not reached the stage where everything is universal yet. But as I want to be an archivist, I am not really planning on writing many historiographic essays in my career.

In other news, my other classes are going just fine. I am considering trying to squeeze a Linguistics minor in because I love the intro class so much, Zoology is interesting and we have gotten to the dissections (this week is fish!), my Greek Archaic Period professor is hilarious, and the only thing I am not looking forward to in BritLit is MRs. Dalloway. Because I hate Mrs. Dalloway.

So there you go. A brief update on my life and a much longer post than I was intending. Maybe next year I will have enough self-discipline to participate in NaNoWriMo. But do not hold your breath.


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