A few days ago, someone posted on the Pokemon Nerdfighter forum about the nostalgia older fans have for the original 151 pokemon and the hostility they have towards the newer generations of games. As it got me thinking, I figured I would talk about it here.

I like the old games as much as anyone. And yes, the original pokemon are my favourite, but I do not think that it is fair to automatically disregard the newer games and shows just because it is not what you are used to. Progress is a beautiful thing; and while you may not always enjoy seeing the things of your past change, that is no excuse for the close-minded disdain for fresh ideas.

With that comes some modifiers. I have played at least one of each of the Pokemon game generations. I personally enjoy the newer ones more than the older ones. This is because the technology has gotten so much better. As I said on my comment on the forum, I like the evolution of the technology more than the evolution of the Pokemon. The game mechanics themselves have gotten infinitely better since Red and Blue, but the Pokemon themselves have not.

I feel that the originality and creativity of the original Pokemon is starting to diminish. I take the pre- and post-evolutions to be evidence of this fact. While the concept was new and cool with the second generation, at this point it seems like Nintendo is trying to give every single Pokemon three stages of evolution. I personally liked the fact that some evolved twice, some only once, and others not at all. I liked the variety of the older generations and the obvious creativity that went into developing them. While the new generations still retain that to a degree, the number of genuinely new Pokemon gets smaller with each new iteration.

I also do not appreciate the convoluted nature of the games. With over 600 Pokemon, it is nearly impossible to obtain all of them. You need just about every game and hundreds of hours of free time. I vote that after Black and White, they make a single game in which you can catch every single Pokemon.

I just hope that Nintendo knows when to stop, lest they break the unwritten commandment: Thou shalt not create a Pokemon that has four evolutions. Because if they do, there will be a riot.

PS Sorry I have not been updating regularly, I have been trying to get lots of stuff done, and I want to make each post meaningful, rather than just make a useless post.



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2 responses to “Nostalgia

  1. And thus, the Poke-creator turned his cap around, letting the universe know that it was indeed SRS BSNS, and spake:
    “Let there be Pokemon to populate the grassy fields and the bright seas. Let the Pokemon inhabit all lands and terrains and be adorable, and those Pokemon meaning to be fierce shall be both fierce and adorable. And let no Pokemon have more than four evolutions.”
    And lo, there were Pokemon to populate the grassy fields and the bright seas. They inhabited all lands and terrains and were adorable, even the fierce ones, who were both fierce and adorable.
    And lo, no Pokemon took more than four evolutions, even Eevee, who was more versatile than its kin, and could evolve several different ways. Yet it did not go against the Poke-creator’s wishes, and though it could evolve several different ways, it did not evolve more than four times.
    And the Poke-creator looked upon what he created, and saw that it was very good. He turned his cap back so that the heavenly bill was in the front, letting the universe know that SRS BSNS time was over, and he rested.

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